Winter’s Coming! Protect Your Inventory

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When winter comes around, you take steps to protect your home and your belongings from the cold, right? You make sure door and window seals keep the cold air out, replace the furnace filter and block any other air leaks to ensure your home is comfortable and efficient. Well, you need to do the same thing for your metal components inventory. 

The long winter months can have an adverse effect on metal components and other items and materials in your inventory. Don’t let negligence bite you in the rear end. Take steps so you have a safe, secure, and winter-ready place to keep your inventory.

Keep the Temperature Steady and Warm

One of the biggest challenges for storing inventory in the winter is ensuring the building housing that material is properly heated. Warehouses and other large storage building or shops are difficult to heat properly, and you need to check that it doesn’t get too cold in order to be sure your inventory is totally protected.

Have your storage facility’s HVAC system inspected. You need to know it’s working properly and consider adding in some high-volume, low-speed fans to regulate the temperature. Many people see fans as cooling elements, but low-speed fans actually do a good job of moving warm air throughout a building. This will ensure your inventory is properly temperature controlled in all areas of your building.

Be Conscious of Humidity Levels

Imagine this, you have hundreds of steel components in your inventory that have gone unprotected for a couple months or so in a cold and humid storage area. Now you need them, but you find they’ve accumulated a significant amount of rust.

This scenario is most likely to occur during the fall when the weather first starts to change, and the humidity levels indoors haven’t yet dropped. How the metal reacts will vary depending on the type of material your inventory is made of, but high levels of humidity can cause significant problems. This is especially true when the weather changes and there’s condensation. Monitor the humidity levels regularly and try to reduce humidity as much as possible.

Looking for a supplier that properly stores their materials? Mainstay Manufacturing is deeply invested in our customers and our facilities. That means we go the extra mile when protecting inventory for the winter. That means fewer headaches for us and our partners.

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