Why Your Current Fabrication Vendor is Holding You Down

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Aligning with an outsourced metal fabrication vendor is a big decision, with a lot riding on it. With strict deadlines and high expectations for quality, making the right choice in a partner you can trust is paramount.

The metal fabrication industry is watered down with companies that have basic equipment, below average work ethic, and a lack of knowledge to complete the work you need to your exacting standards. These companies are out there, and they want your business, which means they’ll do whatever it takes to seal the deal.

What You Could Get

You must do your research before entrusting your metal supply chain requirements to a fabrication company. Without looking into a company’s track record, you could end up with a vendor who is:

  • Suffering service requirements that are raising operation costs and causing delays.
  • Using technology not up-to-date and can’t produce parts at an efficient rate.
  • Inconsistent with inspection details and won’t meet or exceed your expectations.
  • Poorly managing their vendor relationships and paying to much for the materials required.
  • Understaffed and slow to respond.

What You Need

You need a partner that delivers continuously on time and has the record to prove it. Mainstay boasts years of excellent, quality customer service.

Any shop can produce commodities. You need a partner that promises a service driven, personal relationship. Mainstay “cares” about the relationship you have with your clients.

You need a partner that is straight forward about the equipment they have, lead times, and knowledge of the employees running the facility. Mainstay only utilizes the best equipment and only employs talented, experienced people.

You need a partner that is committed to getting the job done right the first time, and provides an ongoing commitment to maintain that level of quality, value and service. Mainstay is focused on the details and is committed to continuous improvement throughout the organization.

You Need Mainstay

Mainstay has what it takes to meet your needs and to become a long-term partner. Whether you need our assistance in prototyping or in volume fabrication of key components, our organization is prepared to deliver quality components for your projects. We’re dedicated to providing our partners the skills and resources to make their products great and to create value in the relationship.

Flexing Our Fabrication Muscles

Mainstay is a metal fabrication company that fills the supply chain demands of metal components through cutting, forming, and welding metal to the customers’ expectations. With an experienced team and cutting-edge equipment, Mainstay handles any scale of production.

If you’re looking for a consistent, detail-oriented, reliable partner, look no further. Mainstay will deliver every time with a cost-effective metal fabrication solution. Give us a call or email today.