What is the Trumpf L3030 Fiber Laser?

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At Mainstay, we use only the best technology for laser cutting steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. We strive for continuous improvement in the quality and efficiency of our laser cutting process. Laser cutting equipment is a key factor in the laser cutting procedure, and we choose only the top of the line tools and technology for our laser cutting. To meet new demands, we invest in new cutting-edge Trumpf equipment every three years. One of our most recent investments, the Trumpf L3030 Fiber Laser, has drastically improved our cutting capability and capacity. 

Trumpf L3030 Fiber Laser

The Trumpf L3030 Fiber Laser is a 2D flexible standard laser cutting machine. It is an incredibly flexible and cost-effective option for laser cutting that delivers impressive results. Using a TruDisk solid-state laser, the L3030 can process non-ferrous metals and the BrightLine fiber ensures pristine edge quality. With a myriad of advanced features, the L3030 offers unparalleled reliability and performance. 


  • 170 m/min simultaneous maximum speed
  • X axis working rage = 3000
  • Y axis working range = 1500
  • Maximum workplace weight = 1100 kg
  • Maximum laser power = 8000 W


  • BrightLine fiber for part quality and removal
  • CoolLine for intricate cutting in thick mild steel
  • Drop & Cut for post-producing parts
  • AdjustLine makes it easy to adjust the cutting process for different materials and helps maintain performance when cutting poor quality materials 
  • Easy machine operation
  • Smart collision prevention
  • DetectLine for accurate position recognition
  • New nozzle to reduce nitrogen consumption by 60%
  • Easily removable parts


The L3030 is a spectacular laser cutting machine; it can cut through all common materials. The TruDisk allows for the processing of non-ferrous metals with nitrogen. You can process film coated sheets and non-ferrous metals without the hazard of reflections. It also has impressive speed, and can quickly cut through thin sheets. The CoolLine feature keeps your workpiece cool during the laser cutting process, which improves the reliability of laser cutting for thick mild steel. Because the AdjustLine technology allows you to better cut poor quality materials, there is less scrap and lower material costs overall with the L3030. Additionally, with clean protective glass, the L3030 provides high cut quality over time. A sensor monitors the glass at all times, so you know exactly when it must be changed. Monitor and control the piercing process with PierceLine technology, to improve part quality and reduce piercing time. The Trumpf L3030 is a high speed machine with impeccable quality and is a crucial part of laser cutting here at Mainstay.