Tips for Working With an Out of State Metal Fabricator

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Although it can seem intimidating to use an out-of-state fabricator for your large metal fabrication projects, the location should not be a limiting factor in selecting a metal fabricator. Don’t let location decide who you will work with, but it is important to be thorough when selecting an out-of-state metal fabricator. Before working with a fabricator outside of your area, be sure to follow the tips below. 

  1. Plan ahead. Discuss your project extensively with any potential fabricators, including who will install the finished product. Ask how they will handle the out-of-state job and make sure the fabricator has the ability and experience you need. You will need to have a quality installer to match. 
  2. Investigate their work. When you find a metal fabricator out-of-state, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of their work. Look over any case studies, testimonials, or examples with photos. If none are available on their website, be sure to ask.. Additionally, request samples so you can have a physical example of their work. Even though waiting for samples may add a couple of days to your timeline, it will ensure you get the proper quality and avoid any disappointment. You will also be able to directly compare multiple fabricators through their samples. 
  3. Work with your fabricator. Being flexible can improve your experience when working with an out-of-state fabricator. Ask if the fabricator has any suggestions or minor adjustments that can reduce shipping cost or streamline installation. 
  4. Communicate consistently. Communicate with your fabricator throughout the process to ensure you are receiving the quality you want. Ask for updates and make sure they fully understand your needs. 
  5. Pick a trusted metal fabricator. Opt for an experienced, knowledgeable metal fabricator that is willing to go the extra mile to ensure you are confident and comfortable working with them from out of town. Look for fabricators with extensive experience, who handles all demands. The best partner will solve problems regardless of location. 

Choose Mainstay

Regardless of location, Mainstay will deliver manufacturing solutions including fabrication or machining. We are based in Indianapolis, but partner with manufacturers locally and nationally. For all of your metal fabrication needs, we offer only efficient, high-quality services. We are always adapting to streamline our services. With our highly efficient operation, we are unmatched in capability and capacity. We meet consistent lead times and deliver impeccable work, even for out-of-state clients. No matter where you are located, we hold ourselves accountable for performance and customer relationships. To learn more about our metal fabrication services, visit our website, send an email to sales@mainstaymfg.com, or give us a call at 317.975.1056.