The Power of Now

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To be a successful business owner, you can’t be stuck in the “now.”

One of the biggest mistakes rookies make is using “now” as an excuse. “We can’t afford to expand our business now.” “We can’t hire any more employees now.” 

The problem with using now as an excuse is that it limits where your business could be, going forward. If you are stuck worrying about today, how can you grow your business to its greatest potential?

Planning for the Future

Although you might not be able to hire any new employees today, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on building your company’s future. Instead find creative ways to push your company forward, despite the cash you have on hand.

Form Alliances

No company can tackle everything on its own. Between the daily task of the job, marketing, and staying on top of customer service – it can be overwhelming. If your current income doesn’t have room for a new employee, you can try to form an alliance instead.

For example, if you are a local plumbing company, you can offer your plumbing services to a local marketing firm in exchange for some social media advertisements. Even if you have to pay a small fee, it will be less expensive than an annual salary.

Make Connections for the Future

Just because you can’t hire anyone today, doesn’t mean you can’t start looking. If you know your company will need more technicians in the future, start making connections today. Meet with students at your local colleges and attend industry mixers. When you are finally ready to take that next step, you will have the perfect candidate ready to fill the role.

Getting Ready for the Next Step

A successful business doesn’t grow overnight. Instead, it is a journey of small steps that eventually build into something great.

If you don’t have the resources to fulfill all your hiring goals now, find out the small steps you can make to eventually get there. Does that include taking on more clients? Or, could it include giving your current employees more training, so they can take on more tasks?

With almost two decades under my belt, I have yet to find a magic wand that makes a business successful. What has worked for Mainstay Manufacturing may not work for your company. Instead of following anyone else’s model, complete some introspection, and find a path to meet your company’s unique needs.

For over 18 years, I’ve been working to build Mainstay Manufacturing into the high-reliability metal manufacturer that we are today. Although we are proud to call ourselves industry leaders today, the road to our success was long and winding. It took looking beyond the “now” to know where we wanted to be.

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