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Tired of juggling the absurd amount of vendors taking up your time and demanding your attention?

With multiple vendors come multiple headaches. At times, it can seem like a never-ending flow of phone calls, emails, and frustrations. Spreading out workload among multiple vendors can help avoid overloading a single vendor, but what if there was one vendor that could accommodate more and more work?

Mainstay is a one-stop shop for manufacturers. We have consistently expanded capabilities since inception, investing in people, floor space, and machines. Clients continue to place more and more responsibility on Mainstay in producing components because Mainstay delivers.

If you’re interested in decreasing the number of vendors you work with and freeing up your time to focus on what really matters, call Mainstay today to explore what a relationship could look like.

How Mainstay can consolidate your vendor list

In Mainstay’s experience with new relationships, companies typically have 3 to 5 vendors supplying metal components. The usual explanation for multiple vendors is the companies don’t want all of their eggs in one basket. This reveals the low level of confidence these companies have in their vendors.

In actuality, the company has outgrown the growth strategy of their vendor, and they must support their own growth by working with additional vendors. In many of our relationships, Mainstay has absorbed 100% of the multiple vendor source needs of our clients. We accomplish this by continually investing strategically in the growth of our partnerships.

Not only do partners rely on Mainstay to assume current vendor work, but when more opportunity and growth arises, they have confidence in Mainstay to meet their needs with an investment strategy to solidify the partnership.

For example, a now 15-year-old relationship experienced a first-year revenue of $93,000. Mainstay has continually invested in resources to support them, and the company now boasts a $1.7M in annual revenue, increasing in capability and capacity to support them. How could your organization benefit from aligning with a vendor who has already invested in a growth strategy?