Servant Leadership

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To everyone at Mainstay Manufacturing, servant leadership isn’t just another catchphrase or buzzword to grab new clients. Mainstay Manufacturing’s growth as a company has largely been determined by our success in creating strong, sustained partnerships. We care about the quality, efficiency and purpose of our work, and our clients know this. That’s why they continue the partnership for mutual growth.  

As many of our partners and new clients know, many manufacturers’ output doesn’t always match the promises they make. We believe in keeping our promises. We invest to keep open capacity early of demand as a strategy to support growth.  We honor our commitments. Our work is meaningful. 

Quality Products and a Commitment to Our Partners

From the initial conversation with clients to the production and final delivery of products, our purpose assuredly remains in providing the highest caliber of goods and services. For two decades, we’ve provided quality products, dynamic inventory and optimized turnaround. Exceptionalism in servant leadership has always been our ultimate goal, and our thriving partnerships are a testament to our success.

Things change quickly in our industry and we know how to keep up. Whatever our clients need to reach exceptionalism each day, we’re more than capable of providing. In fact, we’re happy to. Our adapting capabilities are what enable our partnerships to thrive. 

We know how one small hiccup can completely inhibit progress on important projects. As your partner-in-growth, we can and will work to fix any roadblocks along the way. Our shared outcomes are just that: shared. 

Finding Ways to Adapt and Improve

Our team at Mainstay Manufacturing is always looking for new ways to streamline and adapt our processes to best meet our clients’ needs. Whether we’re providing a new tool or a new deadline for projects, when we make your job easier, we consider it a job well done. 

By streamlining production, we’re able to provide our clients with more opportunities for long-term expansion and extended profitability. This flexibility and speed is a big part of what allows us to provide cutting-edge level services in a rapidly-evolving industry. 

Mainstay Manufacturing’s partnerships are symbiotic. Our success is determined by our shared outcomes with our clients. We remain focused on delivering the best products and services in the market for our clients. Our integrity, adaptability and capability continue to prove us to be the leading provider of metal components for Midwest manufacturing companies.

Let’s partner up. We want to help you achieve your goals and streamline your process. Let’s sit down and see how we can work together. Contact us today.