Reduce Your Vendors, Reduce Your Headaches

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Many organizations utilize multiple vendors to supply their metal components. In our experience, most organizations partner with around 3 to 5 vendors. This is understandable: if a single vendor is not meeting your needs, employing multiple vendors seems to be the answer. However, multiple vendors bring multiple headaches. Partnering with someone you can trust to meet your needs and grow with you eliminates those headaches and inefficiencies. 

Generally, there are two reasons for employing multiple vendors, which reflect the inadequacies of the vendors in question:

Lack of Trust

Some vendors just cannot deliver. They are unable to meet consistent lead times, and the demands of their other customers directly affect the results you experience. You are not a priority, and your needs are not being met. Frustrated by this unreliability and unable to depend upon a single vendor, you utilize multiple vendors as a failsafe. You cannot trust your vendors, and so you cannot risk putting all of your eggs in one basket.

Inability to Grow

On the other hand, you may have a trustworthy vendor. However, as your business has grown, you have outgrown that vendor. They are unable to grow with you: they cannot accommodate the higher volumes and greater demands. You decide to spread the workload among multiple vendors to avoid overloading a single vendor.

Utilizing multiple vendors seems like the natural solution to both of these problems. However, dealing with those vendors comes with its own headaches and inefficiencies. Juggling these vendors places large demands on your time and attention — valuable resources that could be better spent elsewhere. Instead of focusing on growing your business further, you are left dealing with an endless stream of phone calls, emails and frustrations. You spend your time trying to coordinate your web of vendors so that they can each accommodate the others’ weaknesses and so that nothing falls through the cracks.

The Solution

Mainstay hangs its hat on its ability to be a one-stop shop for Midwest manufacturers. At Mainstay, we deliver. We invest in the necessary resources and adopt the necessary strategies to meet consistent lead-times. We never compromise on quality or delivery, for any of our relationships. Our partners trust us to meet their needs. They can place more and more responsibility on us rather than having to seek supplementary vendors.

Not only do partners rely on Mainstay to assume current vendor work, but when opportunity for growth arises, they feel confident that we can grow with them. At Mainstay, we invest strategically in the growth of our partnerships; we consistently expand our capabilities by investing in people, space and machinery. No matter how much or how quickly our partners grow, Mainstay is prepared to grow with them.

If you’re interested in reducing your vendors and freeing up your time to focus on what really matters, call Mainstay today. Save yourself the headaches of dealing with multiple vendors: establish a partnership you can trust to meet your needs and grow with you.