Quality Assurance vs Quality Control

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When embarking upon a project that involves intense metal fabrication processes, the first thing you will want to ensure is that you receive a high quality product from your fabrication service provider.

At Mainstay Manufacturing, we are constantly on the job to cut, fabricate, stamp, bend, machine, and weld the materials that you find all across Indiana.  

How do we know that the materials and the products we provide are of the highest quality for our many customers? It may be reassuring to know that there are teams of people behind the scenes that are just as concerned about the quality as you are. These teams include quality control and quality assurance personnel.

What’s the difference?

Confusion surrounds the subject of quality control and quality assurance. What’s the difference between the two? Do they work together?

Quality Control

This team’s focus is on the back-end of production. They look at the first and last piece made to inspect them for flaws. Tests are performed throughout the fabrication process in order to analyze and correct defects. 

They are also responsible for performing the final approval before sending it to a customer. If it does not meet the client’s request or requirements, they report the issue to management in order to fix the mistake. 

Quality Assurance

This team’s focus is on the planned fabrication method and process for the specific project. What is the manufacturing sequence and what tools are being used during each step? What requirements must be met during welding? What tests are implemented? 

Asking these questions allows them to collect data and identify the root problems of the process in order to improve production and prevent errors. They also take into consideration what the customer desires, what is capable, and how a product with integrity can be manufactured while keeping things cost effective.

Quality custom fabrication

With our quality control and quality assurance teams always striving to improve methods and minimize issues, Mainstay Manufacturing has an in-depth partnership process that will guarantee the highest quality products. Our relationships span throughout the midwest and reach farther to California, Washington, Nebraska, the Carolinas, Florida, Texas, and Mexico. 

For your next fabrication project, you are going to want to choose fabrication services that have custom metal fabricators and processes that are reliable. With abundant resources and various production capabilities, you can rely on Mainstay Manufacturing!