Metal Fabrication and Machining Manufacturing: How We Stay Competitive in 2020

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Anyone who works in metal fabrication and machining manufacturing can tell you: working in this business isn’t easy. It takes an expert-level skill set and specialized machinery to do it right. Sustained growth can be difficult for many manufacturers, especially ones who only serve specialized markets. And sometimes, once you’ve finally found a manufacturer who serves your needs at a fair price, they go out of business, don’t have the equipment you need or can no longer work within your budget. 

Mainstay Manufacturing started small, providing metal fabrication and machining solutions to local manufacturers. After more than two decades in the business, we still work with many of the local manufacturers we started with, and we’ve grown to partner with many national leaders too. Keeping up with our competition and with a changing market weren’t our only goals. Mainstay Manufacturing’s secrets to success aren’t secrets at all.

Adaptability and Strong Partnerships

Our sustained growth can be attributed to two specific factors: adaptability and strong partnerships. Over the years, we’ve kept up with metal component manufacturing trends by carefully investing in new capital equipment and software while adding experts to our team.

Our investments helped us to work smarter. By adding some of the most talented machinists and engineers in the industry to our team, we’ve maximized our efficiency and productivity even more. Working smarter is really an investment in our partners-in-growth. 

Our partnerships have always relied on our ability to meet our clients’ needs by meeting market trends. Having the right metal component manufacturing machines, software and tools have been essential to our growth.

Our Fabrication Equipment

Our fabrication team only invests in the best equipment for metal component manufacturing. Every machine and tool we purchase is chosen for its efficiency, consistency, and flexibility of use.

We replace or add laser-cutting equipment every three years. Our most recent investment includes a Trumpf Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with BrightLine Fiber function.

For CNC forming, we use SafanDarley electric press brake and a Trumpf Press Brake machines. For production welding, we offer MIG (metal inert gas), TIG (tungsten inert gas), robotic welding, and resistance welding. 

Our CNC Machining Equipment

We can take care of all of your metal component machining needs. We use only the latest and best technology to provide CNC machining to our partners. Our equipment and software are selected by the ability to optimize the process, increasing profitability while providing a top-of-the-line product to our partners.

Our full-service assembly allows us to take raw materials and create finished products with a quick turnaround. We can easily accommodate large-scale CNC Machining production needs with our Mazak VTC-300C. Our fleet also includes Mazak, Okuma, Citizen, and Haas equipment. Mainstay’s CNC Turning and Milling capabilities include everything from creating prototypes to providing production quantities for our partners. 

Our calibrated grinding machines serve a range of needs, including tooling, prototypes and volume production. Additionally, we offer Swiss Turning Lathing for parts that require intricate precision.


Seamless Integration

As one of the Midwest’s leading providers of metal component manufacturing, We’re proud to offer seamless integration of both fabrication and machining solutions for our partners-in-growth. We use the latest and best technology to meet our partners’ needs in a quickly-changing market.

Mainstay builds long-lasting partnerships through a unique qualifying process that always starts with a simple conversation. Start that conversation today by contacting us.