Metal Fabrication And Machining Job Opportunities in Indiana

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Metal Fabrication And Machining Job Opportunities in Indiana

A career in metal manufacturing in Indiana offers many opportunities for varied and sustained growth. There are few barriers to pursuing the field, particularly if one is skilled at reading and mathematics. 

Many entry-level metal manufacturing opportunities exist for those with a GED. Metal manufacturers, fabricators and welding tradesmen are often in high demand and can expect a reasonable wage for their labor. 

If you have an interest in machines, dynamics, construction or other “hands-on” work, metal manufacturing is a great career choice with many job opportunities. 

Few Barriers for Future Metal Manufacturers and Fabricators 

Most entry-level metal manufacturing and fabrication jobs require a GED and little else. Those with degrees in math and logic will find it easy to apply their acquired skills towards metal manufacturing jobs and will find many job opportunities to pursue within these fields. 

Many future metal manufacturers find employment after acquiring a one-year technical or vocational certificate from a community college or training program, however, some employers may pay for training as part of an apprenticeship program. 

What Skills and Abilities Do Metal Manufacturers Need? 

Because metal manufacturers are often in charge of interpreting engineering drawings to inform their cutting, welding, and joining, a specific skill set is necessary for these positions. You must possess an understanding of math, high reading comprehension, good communication skills and an ability to apply logic to your actions. 

Aspiring metal manufacturers must be able to perform their work while standing for long hours, be able to lift and handle upwards of fifty pounds and perform small, precise movements for sustained periods of time. They must be able to use a computer to interpret and apply engineering drawings for manufacturing and fabrication. 

More specialized positions call for more advanced skills, such as using geometric development techniques for fabrication, using a wide range of welding processes in varied settings, performing inspections and so forth. 

These are all skills you can easily learn either at a technical or vocational school or through an apprenticeship. Many times, apprentices and new hires will be learning on the job. 

Many Job Opportunities in Metal Manufacturing 

Metal manufacturers, fabricators, and welding tradesmen have many job opportunities in their chosen fields. Specialized tradesmen will command high salaries as their skills are in higher demand. If you’re interested in a metal manufacturing trade, it may be smart for you to specialize in a specific area. 

Depending on an individual’s interests, they will find employment as machinists, fabricators, CAD designers, laser welders, quality control, sheet metal workers, architectural and automotive and other parts manufacturing.

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