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Mainstay Manufacturing provides parts and components machining services to Midwest manufacturing companies looking to streamline their production for greater profitability. Our flexible processes and ever-adapting capabilities allow us to match your needs no matter how large your supply demands may grow. 

Great Performance

We have the best technology and top qualified personnel, ready to go to work for you. We are constantly adjusting our processes to increase efficiency and improve value for our partners. 

 We invest in the floor space, technology, and equipment necessary to fabricate and machine your parts and get them to you on time. We don’t sacrifice value, but create cost effective solutions by continually improving our procedures and upgrading our equipment. 

Perfect Partnership

We go beyond the typical client-vendor status quo, building a mutually beneficial relationship so that our companies can grow together. We bring superior scalability by adjusting to your fluctuating production needs. If you need more or less volume at certain times of the year, we can do that – with no need for your company to hire more or fewer personnel to balance these demands. 

 If your business is expanding, you may need more product in a hurry. Coordinating the acquisition of floor space, equipment, and personnel can be overwhelming. Mainstay Manufacturing is equipped to handle it. You won’t have excess equipment and capability racking up costs for little return. 

Strategic Reliability

We believe in long-term expansion, accomplished alongside our clients. You don’t need to change vendors as you grow – we’ll be right there with you, every step of the way. Your needs are our needs. We’re in this for the long-term, and we want to be your partner in growth for as long as we’re in business! 

What We Offer

Dynamic inventory– The metal parts you need, when and where you need it. We work with you to create long-term, flexible production plans to save you money. 

Quality products– We provide you with only the best metal components manufactured on equipment overseen by the most qualified personnel. Our production capacity can accommodate a wide range of industrial applications. 

Optimized turnaround– Our process isn’t linear and locked in place. It’s adaptive to a variety of needs. We can perform each fabrication or machining step as needed to accommodate fluctuating demands. 


Our facilities handle:

Metal fabrication including:

Laser Cutting

Plasma Cutting 

CNC Forming 

CNC Punching

Production Welding 

CNC Machining


Whether you need help producing a single prototype, need thousands of units per month, or anything in between, Mainstay is your one-stop components manufacturing company for the Midwest. Contact us today to begin the four-step partnering process that will lead you into greater profitability!