How Outsourcing Generated Higher Quality and Faster Turn Arounds

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The Problem

GreensGroomer WorldWide, Inc started in 1996 selling one product using a fabrication company located 40 minutes from the GreensGroomer assembly shop. While the fabricator produced acceptable finished products (frame, wheel lift, drawbar, and other misc. parts), we needed better weldments and closer tolerances, plus the ability to make changes on short notice.

During the next 4 years, we added three products, testing the fabricator’s ability to deliver on time. This coincided with our early stages of growth, and we often needed changes made in weeks and sometimes days. The fabricator at that time wasn’t set up to handle those demands.

The Solution

We needed a fabricator that could keep up with our growth, make changes to products within our market demands and turn out a product that met our quality specifications.

Finding a solution wasn’t easy: We talked to several other fabricators in the area, and we even considered adding a second fabricator to supplement the work handled by our current fabricator, but in the end, that didn’t make sense.

Once we heard about Mainstay, we began discussing the possibility of a partnership. At this point, Mainstay was a startup company looking for new business, but they also appeared to have the capacity to handle our demand. We tried working together, and things came together quickly. We haven’t looked back since.

Outcome and Ongoing Relationship

Today Mainstay processes every part we need fabricated for GreensGroomer. For the few small machine parts we require, Mainstay takes care of those with an outside vendor.

Mainstay knows what we expect, and we know their capabilities, which makes GreensGroomer’s relationship with Mainstay operate smoothly with little effort. They’re located a few minutes from us, and it’s like having a fabricator on call to help with any problems that arise. Their personnel completely understand our products, and they will come to our shop to resolve any issues, if necessary. Since working with Mainstay, we haven’t had to worry about the quality of the components we receive or when they’ll be finished.