Four Foundations of Effective Leadership

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Great companies are not created from dust. They are built on the strong foundation of leadership skills, which are developed over time with the help of a positive and dynamic team. No one person can thrive on their own. It has taken a village to build mainstay manufacturing into the large, successful company it is today. Through great leadership, motivation, and clear communication we have risen to a target company and employees are proud to join the team.

Below are four posts focused on different leadership concepts I’ve learned over my decades of leadership experience. You can read a quick summary of each topic, or click the title to read the post in its entirety. 

The Importance of Lateral Leadership

There is a reason why wolves travel in packs. Soon after starting Mainstay Manufacturing, I learned nothing can be accomplished by just one person. To achieve success, I needed to surround myself with team members that inspire me.

Lateral leadership gave me a reality check. Instead of relying on my own wits, I now have a team of inspiring people who provide support, criticism, and tough love. Although this criticism can be tough to swallow, it gives me the emotional intelligence I need to be a great leader.

Why You Should Enable Your Team

For most of my career, I felt as though I needed to handle every responsibility that came my way. Despite having a team of dedicated employees around me, I would never pass off projects. However, as Mainstay Manufacturing grew, I started to drown in the stress. That’s when I realized, it is essential to enable your team.

A great tool to measure a company’s success is the leaders ability to enable their team. If you’re the smartest person in the room – you haven’t hired the right people. Your team is full of so many capable people to empower;; use their knowledge to scale your daily responsibilities, find new solutions, and relieve your personal stress.

You’re Not Too Busy

Often times, people in leadership roles find that they are too busy to handle their daily tasks. A lot of their time is taken up by answering their team’s questions all day. Free your schedule by empowering your team to solve issues on their own.

A good leader needs to learn to relinquish control. While it may feel good to have all the answers, by letting your team handle tasks on their own, you are motivating them to build their skills.

In my workplace, I have established the “three-question rule,” where I won’t answer any of my employees questions until they answer three of mine. More often than not, this has helped employees understand my decision-making process, and has inspired them to make more decisions on their own.

The Power of Now

One of the biggest mistakes people make when starting a business is getting stuck in the now. If you are stuck on today, you will never be able to grow your business into the success it can eventually be.

If you can’t hire new employees now, you can find other ways to plan for your future. Making connections, forming alliances, and preparing for that next step will help you get out of the now, and focus on the future.