Mainstay Increases Capabilities with New SafanDarley Press Brake

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Mainstay is thrilled to announce our recent purchase of a 13’ 200-ton SafanDarley electric press brake machine. This joins our Trumpf fleet of brake presses from 73-ton through 140-ton machines. The addition of our new machine adds flexibility and allows us to increase our capacity to better serve relationship demands.

The E-Brake technology distributes the bending force evenly eliminating the need for crowning. By removing the need for the crowning adjustment, we increase bend consistency along the length of the part. This translates to higher quality for your component needs.

Our investment in the E-Brake reduces lead time for our relationships. The electric mechanism is much quicker than hydraulic, allowing the operator to get more done in the same amount of work time.

Mainstay will continue to expand its services and offerings so we can better serve our relationships. We strategically invest in new machines to satisfy needs and invest in growth. Not only does it increase our capabilities, it adds value to our clients. This is part of our commitment to creating solid partnerships with clients that result in long-lasting relationships.

If you need press brake work or are interested in learning more, give us a call.