Driving Organizational Change

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Organizational change within any business is a cooperative undertaking. At Mainstay Manufacturing, our mission and business philosophy have always included the importance of shared outcomes (and shared responsibilities) with our employees and partners-in-growth. 

Mainstay Manufacturing’s success over the past twenty years stems from the knowledge that all of our employees have important jobs to do. Our work, from start to finish, has always been cooperative and symbiotic in nature but led by the leaders of the organization. The high quality of our work is a reflection of our values as a company and a reflection of just how highly we value your business. 

Change is inevitable and we embrace it. Like any business, Mainstay is competitive. We want to see our work succeed and that’s where organization change comes into play. It’s a way of taking our work from one level to the next level to satisfy the needs of our partners and achieve important and meaningful goals.

Our Leadership Process

Unlike most other manufacturers, our employees (and partners) are empowered and valued throughout the structure, nature and processes behind our leadership. For us, good leadership isn’t hard. It’s about inspiring our employees to come up with innovative solutions to solve complex problems. 

This is a collaborative process. Our employees are continuously challenged to reflect upon our strengths and weaknesses as a business. What are we doing best? What organizational changes need to happen, and why? What actions can each team member take to ensure these changes are implemented fairly and to the best of our ability? It’s a process filled with questions and discussions until the right answers and strategies are devised to reach our and our partner’s goals. 

Our employees (and partners) are empowered and valued throughout the process by our leadership. Our leaders facilitate change so that everyone down the line can execute a strategy that achieves internal and external goals.

Making Change Work

At Mainstay Manufacturing, we think of organizational change as a kind of partner dance. Both parties are equally responsible for the overall performance, but the lead is responsible for driving and guiding the changes within the dance. 

Both the lead and the follow need to clearly communicate and continuously practice awareness of each other’s movements. Both parties need to want to work together and agree upon the timeline for the dance. But the lead is responsible for providing the cues that really drive the performance, thinking several steps ahead while seamlessly incorporating the unique skills and capabilities of the follow. 

Our leadership team at Mainstay Manufacturing works a bit like this. We strive to empower our employees by utilizing their individual strengths, recognizing the significance of their contributions, and using this information to navigate and drive our success as a business. 

Meaningful work is proud work. At Mainstay Manufacturing, our high standards for success are met each day thanks to excited and empowered people. If that isn’t something to feel proud of, then tell us what is. Our team will always seek to adapt and evolve so that we can work better for our partners and better for ourselves. Looking for a manufacturing company that can adapt as you do? Contact us today.