Plasma Cutting

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Most Common Technologies for Metal Cutting Plasma Cutting Services

Mainstay uses a KOMATSU TFP 3051 high definition plasma cutting system with a 5’ x 10’ cutting area. It utilizes a 150 amp fine plasma torch to cut stainless steel up to 0.750″ thick, aluminum up to 0.500″ thick and mild steel up to 1″ thick.

As an alternative to laser cutting, the plasma machine cuts thicker material faster at a reduced cost.

The plasma torch operates by blowing inert gas at a high rate out of a nozzle. While blowing the inert gas, an electrical arc is created, changing the state of the gas to plasma. The plasma sufficiently melts the metal being cut and moves as the molten metal is blown away from the cut.

High Definition Plasma Cutting
Plasma Cutting VS Laser Cutting