Laser Cutting Stainless Steel

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Typically, high-powered CO2 and Fiber lasers are the best cutting tool for detailed designs in a large variety of sheet and plate materials. The cutting machine never comes into contact with the piece of material, which preserves the material’s integrity, and the variety of different designs you can cut are nearly limitless. A laser cutter operates at a level of precision that greatly reduces the level of finish machining needed to get a part or piece to market, and the automated nature of laser cutting makes replication extremely simple.

Stainless steel, one of the most commonly used materials for fabrication, is often cut with lasers. Whether it’s an automotive part, surgical instruments, industrial equipment, or parts for household appliances, laser cutting is one of the most precise and easily repeatable options available. While there are other ways of cutting stainless steel, such as water jet and plasma cutting, laser cutting will ensure efficient precision and quality cuts.

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