CNC Turning

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Why Use CNC Turning Services For Your Project?

CNC Turning, or Computer Numerical Control Turning services, is a way to create parts that are individually customized for your purposes. This is done by using a rotating piece of machinery, often referred to as a lathe. The entire process is highly specialized and can create the parts you need, no matter how intricate, detailed, or rigidly planned they are.

The benefits of using CNC Turning over other methods of production are primarily centered on how specific the crafting process can be. As the lathe machinery holds whatever stock material you’re using in place, it simultaneously cuts, bores, and carves your raw material into the exact shape you need.

We can offer you both live and static tooling, depending on your needs. While static tooling pieces stay in place while the material rotates underneath them, live tooling can perform different functions while the primary piece of material remains in place, oriented towards the main spindle. Similarly, we can provide various cutting tools so that you can select which style will be best for your project, whether it be a single or multiple-point cutting tool.

These exacting standards are achieved by using computer programming that is specially designed for precision. We are pleased to offer this mechanized precision to you, our clients. When you use Mainstay’s CNC Turning services, you can expect products designed to your exact specifications that will be produced quickly without losing any of the quality.

When you utilize CNC Turning, you’re using one of humanity’s oldest machine tools. Lathe turning has been used ever since ancient Egypt! The only difference now is that we’ve added modern-day technology to this mechanically sound principle, giving it accuracy and speed that hasn’t existed until more recent times..

Turning Capability:

Mainstay offers CNC Turning for precision-machined parts with very tight tolerances (down to +/- .0001”). Our CNC Turning capabilities cover everything from providing quality prototypes through production quantities. With our CNC Turning centers, we produce complex machine parts efficiently to meet a variety of applications.

  • Chuck size: 15”
  • Live tooling
  • Spindle thru hole diameter 4.41”
  • Maximum swing 28.35”
  • Maximum machining diameter 16.50”
  • Maximum machining length 48.67”
  • 12 tools

What parts need CNC turning?

CNC turning excels at making cylindrical parts, as well as prototypes and short-run volumes. That said, high-volume is not out of the picture, and we can work with you to give you the high-volume product that you need. Make sure you also double-check your sizing, from your chuck size to your machining length, and ensure that it fits with our CNC turning capabilities. We can also offer you various spindle options, each with a different speciality. And of course, if you’re looking for precision cuts made by machines but supervised by human experts, consider our CNC turning process.

At Mainstay Manufacturing, we’re more than happy to work with you to determine whether your needs can best be met by our CNC machining service & turning process. Contact us today to learn more about our process and to determine what we can do for you!