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Computer-controlled punch press machines are used to create holes or indents into sheet metal with CNC punching. As a modern metal fabrication technique, CNC punching can be used to punch circular, rectangular, or customized holes into materials like steel, zintec, galv, stainless steel, and aluminum. CNC punching may also be used to punch 3D forms used in sheet metal enclosure design. 

How CNC Punching Works

CNC punch presses are controlled by CAM technology. The information from these computer files tells the machine how to implement the proper tooling. The CNC punch press moves the metal from an x to y direction to ensure the metal underneath is precisely placed under the punching ram. 

CNC Punching at Mainstay 

We focus on machinery, floor space, and efficient processes for all metal fabrication and machining, including CNC punching. At Mainstay, we pride ourselves on producing incredibly quick and efficient punching. Our computer-assisted part nesting software guarantees the best material utilization, which in turn saves you money and prevents waste. We use only the best for CNC Punching, the Trumpf TC500R- CNC punching center. This powerful machine offers automatic tool-changing options and staggering positioning speeds. Versatile and accurate, the TC500R performs multiple punching, marking, and embossing services. 

We use the specialized Trumpf Quicksharp Punch Tool Sharpener for automated tool sharpening. By sharpening the tools on the CNC punching machine, the Quicksharp provides unparalleled accuracy for every single punching operation. Automated tool sharpening also increases the tool life, drastically reducing tool-replacement costs. 

These two astounding machines tap holes without any operator intervention, making CNC punching at Mainstay an automated, efficient process. With our punching tools and experience, we can handle nearly any metal fabrication project. Our punching abilities include:

  • Countersunk or extruded holes
  • Louvers
  • Assembly tabs
  • Pre-punched holes/knockouts
  • Beading for part strength 

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When you choose Mainstay Manufacturing for CNC Punching, you choose experience and quality. We are a top provider of metal fabricating and CNC machining solutions for Midwest manufacturing companies. Unlike the competition, we are committed to your goal, and as strategic partners, we help your business grow and scale. With Mainstay, you can count on performance, partnership, and reliability for every single project. Learn more about how we will tackle your CNC punching projects today by visiting our website, calling 317.975.1056, or emailing us at sales@mainstaymfg.com