CNC Milling

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Best Quality CNC Milling Services

At Mainstay Manufacturing, we offer top-of-the-line CNC Milling services. Dedicated to providing our partners with only the best products, we guarantee that our milling services produce only the highest quality of manufacturing.

We perform the same operations as other cutting and drilling machines, with even greater precision and efficiency. Our machines accommodate a large range of needs—everything from prototyping and short-run production of complex parts to fabrication of unique precision components.

What is CNC Milling?

Instead of manual-controlled production, Computer Numerical Control Milling computerises the actions necessary to manufacture a design: Once a CAD model of a specific part is custom-designed, it is processed into a CNC machine program through CAM software. 

Milling tools are attached to the spindle of a vertical or horizontal machine. Rotating multi-point cutting tools are able to remove material from a workpiece (which is made up of material ranging from metals to plastics). During creation, the tools and the saddle onto which the worktable and workpiece are adjusted have the ability to move on different axes.

Due to its precision and intricacy while creating holes, threads, cavities, grooves, and slots of many different sizes, CNC Milling is best utilized for the finishing and refining of a particular part’s features. However, it is also capable of starting from a blank slate, forming a piece of material into the correct shape before adding the delicate details.

Our CNC Milling Machine

Our machining centers house many different kinds of machines, including those from our equipment partners Okuma, Citizen and Haas. Our Mazak VTC-300C vertical machine center is our primary tool. It features high-speed traverse of up to 36m per minute and an oversized table with a cross dimension of 2000 mm. Additionally, our machines feature Mastercam CAD/CAM for offline programming.

For maximum vertical and horizontal movement, our machines are able to work on all three axes:

  • X-Travel: 65”
  • Y-Travel: 30”
  • Z-Travel: 30”

Milling Capability:

  • 10,000 RPM through Spindle Coolant
  • 24 Tool ATC
  • 1,200 IPM

We accommodate complex designs with 1,200 IPM (images per minute) and a 24 Tool ATC (Automatic Tool Changer). This means we have a variety of tools that can work at high-speeds and efficient rates.

Our 10,000 RPM Through-Spinning Coolant feature allows for fast and high quality cutting for any of our diverse projects.

Partnering with us

You can rely on our CNC Milling services to handle high-demands on high-quality design and manufacturing. We want to get to know you and grow with your vision. 

See what our mill drills can do for you today! If you need CNC milling services in Indiana, don’t hesitate to call a Mainstay Manufacturing professional on 317.975.1056 and schedule a free in-home estimate.