Advantages of CNC Machining

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When creating thousands of copies of the same high-quality product, conventional machines may slow your workflow. Not only do these antiquated machines require many workers, but they are difficult to learn how to operate safely and efficiently. If you want supreme precision within a short timeline, CNC machining is the way to go.

CNC Machining Increases Production

CNC manufacturing processes are optimized for mass-scale productions. CNC machinery, like the Mazak VTC-300C lets you program the machine to make the same high precision laser cuts over and over.

With these advanced cutting tools, you have more options when creating custom pieces. Software allows you to become creative with your designs, without having to break the bank to buy new parts.

Reduce Errors with CNC Machining

When offering a high-quality product to your clients, consistency is key to success. Laser cutting CNC machines use the same specifications for every jobs, so errors are significantly reduced. Once your CAD files are keyed into the CNC computer program, the automated precision machining process takes over. The chance for error is drastically cut down compared to standard human machining.

Although CNC machining is a technical process, our CNC machinists are trained to oversee large-scale cutting operations. CNC machining can help your company save money, because the operation requires just a fraction of a typical staff. Instead of multiple operators working to complete a large project, one CNC machinist can oversee and entire operation.

Quick CNC Production Provides Easier Prototype Testing

Testing and perfecting a new product takes months of work. When using conventional machines, simply cutting the parts for the new product can be half the battle. However, when working with CNC machining, cutting and creating new parts has never been more effortless.

Since CNC machining is so precise, you can test out multiple designs, until you find one that is the perfect fit. Similarly, these laser cutting machines are extremely efficient, so you can cut multiple designs quickly to get the final product to market fast.

Partnering With Mainstay Manufacturing for Fast CNC Machining Turn Around

At Mainstay Manufacturing, we offer five different machines to meet all your CNC machining needs. Our top quality machine – the Mazak VTC-300C – is capable of high speed traverse up to 36 meters per minute. This allows us to accommodate massive scale production.

We know it is crucial to use as much material as possible. Therefore, we often utilize our laser cutting equipment to blank parts to near final size. This saves you money and ensures as much material is used as possible. We want you to feel comfortable partnering with use, so we also offer flexible one-piece prototypes if you aren’t ready to invest in full production quantities. Get to know more about CNC machining with Mainstay Manufacturing today!

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