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Mainstay Manufacturing is a leading provider of metal components for Midwest manufacturing companies. Based out of Indianapolis, Mainstay partners with manufacturers on both local and national levels. Mainstay originated with two organizations Fab2Order and Machine2Order. Fab2Order provides metal fabrication solutions; Machine2Order offers production machining solutions. Fab2Order and Machine2Order have now been formally merged to operate as one business: Mainstay Manufacturing Solutions. The capabilities of each are seamlessly integrated into Mainstay’s services, creating the best possible fabrication and machining solutions for our client-partners.


Mainstay was founded with two central goals: to meet the growing metal component needs of manufacturers in the Midwest and beyond and to achieve this by building long-term, value-add partnerships that surpass the typical vendor relationship model.

Mainstay has worked tirelessly to achieve these goals. We have continually invested in growth; we have honed our resources to create the most efficient operation possible. As a result, Mainstay is unmatched in terms of our capability, our capacity, our efficient processes and our partner solutions.


Mainstay began its life as a small business trying to shift into the middle market

and pursue more and larger clients. In order to accomplish this, we unhesitatingly invested in machinery, people and floor space. Because of this business model, we have the capability and capacity to handle the demands of larger clients, but we have maintained our small business mentality. Mainstay prioritizes the needs of our clients and delivers incomparable, high-quality work. We can and will get the job done for you.

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Mainstay has redefined the conventional manufacturer-vendor relationship. We invest in long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients. The advantages of a partnership with us go beyond high-quality metal components and met lead times. At Mainstay, we help our partners leverage our strengths to help them become more streamlined and efficient. We provide strategic solutions to help our partners grow their businesses, and when they grow, we grow, too. In these symbiotic relationships, both parties pursue opportunities together.

Mainstay has developed a unique onboarding process that creates ideal partnerships. This four-step process flips typical industry relationship starters with an eye towards innovation. You can view this four-step process by clicking HERE.

Together, we push the limit, eliminate waste, and increase top-line growth.

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The Mainstay team will find solutions through the cumulative effect of small improvements and flexible internal efficiencies to increase value and build partnerships.

We live the mission
We respect the relationships built with our partners and our team
We continually work to improve efficiencies
We hold ourselves accountable for the performance of our jobs
We work as a team
We honor our commitments
We strive for the best quality
We work to discipline ourselves for the betterment of the team and company
We conduct ourselves with humility
We honor integrity and professionalism


Fab2Order began in 2000 to fill the metal fabrication needs of Indiana manufacturers. F2O started with a single employee and a single customer. Since then, it has grown into an organization with more than 40 employees and serves numerous relationships every year. Fab2Order’s growth led to the conception of an affiliate production machining company, Machine2Order. In 2018, Fab2Order and Machine2Order formally merged into one organization: Mainstay Manufacturing Solutions.


Mainstay invests in machinery, floor space and efficient processes. We are constantly rearranging, adjusting and adapting to be as streamlined as possible. Our behind the scenes facilities and operations a testament to this. More than anything, we feel this demonstrates that Mainstay is a serious organization, capable of handling any demands.


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