Partner Solutions

Subsidize Capacity

Frustrated with the limitations of machines that were purchased for previous product models but are no longer able to meet current needs?

Did product outgrow capabilities? With constantly changing products, capabilities need to be able to change as well. Too often companies try to force machines past their limitations in order to meet product updates causing machine breakdowns, which in turn require human attention and time.

Mainstay has seen multiple relationships grow beyond their own equipment capabilities. The partner purchases equipment for their current material processing needs, a product line grows to accomplish a heavier task, new materials test the processing equipment’s utmost limits, now the equipment is challenged at the maximum capability and costs go up.

Mainstay has invested in a level of equipment that offers capability ranges — a level of equipment that most product companies can’t or won’t invest in.  Partners gain an advantage in sourcing increased capability needs to Mainstay.

Part cost is now fixed, equipment stays efficient while running ideal materials and leveraging Mainstay buying power are advantages from subsidizing capability.  What components are driving your costs up and causing headaches in your production?

Mainstay can offset this issue with state of the art equipment and fixed costs. Mainstay’s equipment is cutting-edge technology guided by experts. If capability is needed, new capacities are invested in to solidify the partnership and streamline efforts. Fixed costs allow customers to control the flux of cash flow.

Interested in eliminating frustrations with machines pushed past the breaking point? Start the conversation with Mainstay about what a partnership could look like.