Case Studies

Mid America Manufacturing Solutions

Mid America Manufacturing Solutions, LLC, was established in 2009 with the goal of supplying high-quality engineering and manufacturing solutions to clients in the military, medical aerospace and amusement industries for a reasonable price.

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Xwind LLC, a relatively small, Indiana-based design and development company, brings high quality flight simulators to the people who need them most. Designed to help pilots hone their skills safely and effectively, Xwind’s flight simulators are obviously no replacement for actual flight, but they are the next best thing to train pilots to handle dangerous crosswinds and gusts.

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Cornerstone Metal Fabrication

Mike Stephens owns and operates Cornerstone Metal Fabricators Inc., a metal fabrication business that specializes in wire forms. Cornerstone has many clients who have metal fabrication needs outside Cornerstone’s specialties, so Stephens was looking for a fabrication partner that specializes in the sheet and plate world to meet his clients’ requests.

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Greens Groomer World Wide

GreensGroomer WorldWide, Inc started in 1996 selling one product using a fabrication company located 40 minutes from the GreensGroomer assembly shop. While the fabricator produced acceptable finished products (frame, wheel lift, drawbar, and other misc. parts), we needed better weldments and closer tolerances, plus the ability to make changes on short notice.

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Strategic Solutions in Action

F2O partners with a variety of companies in a variety of industries to find specific solutions to alleviate problems and maximize efficiency and growth. We have identified six partner solutions that resonate with companies we serve. Usually, one or two of these six stand out to be valuable solutions we focus and apply quickly. Below, you can read specific examples we have pulled together from different relationship case studies to give you some perspective and insight. We believe some of the experiences we share here could relate to challenges that exist in other organizations and represent opportunities afforded by our commitment to strategic solutions.

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