Align Your Vendor Relationships: It’s Good for Business


Generally speaking, there is a simple principle for pursuing growth as a business owner: align your resources with your business strategy. Of course, when put into practice, this principle becomes increasingly complex; there are countless opportunities for strategic alignment. Essentially, you must review every aspect of your internal organizational structure and align every facet to a broader goal or budget line objective. However, it’s important to not just think internally but externally as well. In the manufacturing industry, the vendor relationship is a valuable, but often-overlooked, resource. Improving and aligning your vendor relationships will enormously contribute toward strategic growth. To that end, you need to ensure that your vendors are working with you, not against you. Continue reading “Align Your Vendor Relationships: It’s Good for Business”

Mainstay Invests in New Trumpf Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Mainstay has invested in a new Trumpf Fiber Laser Cutting Machine. The machine’s BrightLine Fiber function guarantees high edge quality with a broad range of materials (including thick mild steel), facilitates easy part removal and produces very small holes which could previously only be drilled. This impressive machine offers increased flexibility and cost-effectiveness, cutting all sheet thickness efficiently. Continue reading “Mainstay Invests in New Trumpf Fiber Laser Cutting Machine”

Rethink Risks: How to Seek Out New Opportunities and Pursue Growth

It is impossible to be both risk averse and aggressive about growth. The two business philosophies simply cannot be reconciled. Business owners shy away from taking risks because they think about those risks as gambles endangering their bottom line: “How much capital could I lose?” However, when owners avoid these risks completely, their business stagnates and plateaus — they lose all upward momentum. If you’re a business owner truly committed to aggressively pursuing growth, you need to rethink risks. Don’t look at business risks as rolling the dice for profit and loss. Instead, reframe your mindset and look at risks as opportunities for growth. Make calculated but bold decisions in pursuit of that growth. Ask yourself: “If you’re not willing to take risks, if you’re not willing to adapt and grow, then what are you doing this for?” This blog post is intended to help you rethink risks and fearlessly pursue growth in your future business endeavors. Continue reading “Rethink Risks: How to Seek Out New Opportunities and Pursue Growth”

Managing Inventory: Invest in Your Growth

How much excess inventory currently clutters your valuable floor space? Many organizations pad their supply with extra inventory to absorb the long lead times or missed delivery dates of unreliable vendors. These organizations are attempting to overcome the inefficiencies of their vendors. However, those inefficiencies do not simply disappear: excess inventory creates an inefficiency of space and a restriction of cash flow — both essential resources. Do not allow your vendors’ inefficiencies to become your own. Invest in growth, not in precaution. Continue reading “Managing Inventory: Invest in Your Growth”

Reduce Your Vendors, Reduce Your Headaches

Many organizations utilize multiple vendors to supply their metal components. In our experience, most organizations partner with around 3 to 5 vendors. This is understandable: if a single vendor is not meeting your needs, employing multiple vendors seems to be the answer. However, multiple vendors bring multiple headaches. Partnering with someone you can trust to meet your needs and grow with you eliminates those headaches and inefficiencies.

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Strategic Solutions in Action: Relationship Case Studies

Mainstay partners with a variety of companies in a variety of industries to find specific solutions to alleviate problems and maximize efficiency and growth. We have identified six partner solutions that resonate with companies we serve.  Usually, one or two of these six stand out to be valuable solutions we focus and apply quickly.  Below, you can read specific examples we have pulled together from different relationship case studies to give you some perspective and insight.  We believe some of the experiences we share here could relate to challenges that exist in other organizations and represent opportunities afforded by our commitment to strategic solutions.

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Just-In-Time Manufacturing: Eliminate Waste, Improve Productivity

What is Just-In-Time Manufacturing?

The British Motor Corporation plant in Australia originally developed the just-in-time production system in the 1950s, but it was largely adopted by Japan in the 1960s and 1970s. Post-World War II, Japan was seeking to rebuild industry but was short on cash and space. Rather than financing the big-batch, large inventory production methods used elsewhere, they built smaller factories that only housed the necessary materials to fill existing orders. This dramatically reduced inventory and investment costs. Toyota played a key role in developing just-in-time manufacturing in Japan and introducing the method to the United States; for this reason, it is often referred to as the Toyota Production System (TPS).

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How to Increase Cash Flow

Investing in inventory directly affects profitability and cash flow for a business. Knowing how much to buy and when is a critical game with big gains and losses. Leaders in business must be discerning in their investments; they must make strategic decisions to limit risk and increase cash flow.

Unreliable partnerships can cause strains and restrict cash flow. Manufacturers partnering with inconsistent vendors often find themselves absorbing the costs of those vendors’ shortcomings. For example, when a vendor’s lead times are uncertain and delivery dates are missed, the manufacturer may purchase and store extra inventory to create a buffer against these issues. This extra inventory depletes the manufacturer’s cash flow and takes up valuable floor space. Continue reading “How to Increase Cash Flow”

How to Scale your Business for Future Growth

A business’ scalability is crucial to its success. Leaders in business ensure their business models offer the potential for economic growth and that the internal systems of their companies can adapt to meet future increases. However, it is equally important to plan for growth in a business’ outside relationships. Growth must be supported externally as well as internally.

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CNC Tools of the Trade

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) references tools being controlled via computer. In the 1960s, the invention of CNC machines revolutionized the metal fabrication industry by increasing productivity and eliminating the need for constant supervision

CNC is the dominant method of machining materials today and comes in a variety of sizes for fabricating products. Below are a just a few of Mainstay’s CNC tools of the trade and their capabilities.

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